We are a young and innovative company formed by professionals with wide experience in the study of natural resources supported by the latest technologies.

We have a strong infrastructure and a large consolidation in the market serving some of the biggest energy companies.

The quality of our performed projects and services are reference about our commitment to our customers, being our principal objectives the effectiveness, efficiency and a dedicated customer care in our professional work.

We have a strong responsability with development, participating in the continuous training of our employees and the realization of R&D projects.

Last News
Solar measurement projects
Power plants that use sun as an energy source is increasing all around the world. Born of the need of measure this natural resource in different parts of the planet, Wind BS Technology SL specializes in the installation, working and set up of this meteorolical stations and its relevant sensors.
Offshore project in Scotland
Wind B. S. Technology has embarked upon an ambitious project for an offshore meteorological station in the northern seas, near the town of Wick, Scotland. 
The acquisition of this project is the result of the efforts made by the company obtaining certificates as the issued by the IRATA vertical works security association, BOISET certificate; awarded by the company OPITO (to perform Offshore jobs) and Transfer Operation Ship to Ship, given by FALCK safety services.
Consolidation of projects in Mexico
Wind B. S. Technology completed successfully the installation of meteorological stations in Juchitan (Mexico), and has already approved to continue the expansion across the Central American country geography with many new projects.

Our company’s team of professionals has extensive experience in the study of natural resources.

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