Communication & Integration

These links are secure against all types of noise and electromagnetism. Their maximum data transmission speed and their increasingly lower cost make optical fibre one of the most commonly used resources in substations and control centres for communicating measuring systems and acquiring data.


Wind.B.S. workers have proven experience in optical fibre links from the laying out of cables to the programming of devices for changing protocols and media.


Our professionals can offer the customer the best advice on the type of fibre to use, the recommended connectors, possible losses from distances, link certification etc.


We have all the instruments required for detecting failures in the laying out of multimode or single mode optical fibre.


We can carry out the most advanced diagnostic process and fibre certifications once the installation is complete, using the latest generation fieldwork reflectometers such as the M200.


We can use fusion joints once a failure or a breakage is identified or simply for the connection of two cables with different sleeves.


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