Communication & Integration

We provide installation and maintenance services for radio links for communication between meteorological stations, wind generators or central stations.


Our radio modems use transparent protocols to avoid incompatibilities in the data sent.


We install point to point or point to multipoint radio links.


We also offer consultancy services. Our specialists will produce a prestudy report on the viability of your communication project, analyzing the oreography, radio propagation and other environmental factors to guarantee a successful connection.


We communicate electronical devices Rs232, 485 and / or Ethernet remotely, using Gsm, Gprs and M2M technologies, using the speed and technical specifications required by the Pdl software.


M2m is a new communication technology and provides a continuous link with the data. The M2M apparatus has capacity to process the negotiation application.


Normally an M2M device is able to run a negotiation program. It implements the protocols for communicating with the device and sending data.

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